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Auto-PilotLin Patryn and Xar Walk in the Woods

I have never thought of myself as athletic ….. active certainly ….. but not an athlete. My “sport” of choice is biking.  I don’t think much of jogging but every once and a while I’ll give it a go when I’m walking da’ boyz.


We share our home with Scottish Deerhounds and walk daily.  Their legs are as long as mine and their pace faster, so when I want to keep up, rather than slow them down, I’ll jog alongside them.


So it was, several years ago when I was out with Patryn and his 7-month old pup, Xar.


It always seemed to amuse them when I ran and it made the walk a bit more fun.  I’m good for short distances and slow to a walk after several blocks … this particular time, I didn’t make it that far.  I tripped over an uneven place in the sidewalk (never claimed to be graceful) and landed squarely on my chin but maintained my hold on the leashes!  The last thing I remember after the fall was looking up from ground level at both boyz looking down at me …..


…. after that “Auto Pilot” took over…. for the next couple hours.


I’ve always wondered what passers-by might have thought if they saw the 3 of us headed home.  Me with a damaged chin and bloody shirt with 2 very large dogs in the lead.  What walking style does “Auto Pilot” have?  Robotic?  Zombie?  Anyway, the 3 of us arrived home without further mishap.  I have Patryn to thank for that.  Not exactly, a “Lassie!  Timmy’s fallen in the well!” moment but pretty impressive considering the circumstances.


The next time I “resurfaced”, I was on my way to the Emergency Room in the back seat of a neighbor’s car. My husband claims he needed reinforcements to get “Auto Pilot” to agree to medical attention.   My chin laceration was glued together and an MRI revealed a minor concussion.  Plus, I added to my collection of scars, validating once again, my kinship to all those who love and live with Scottish Deerhounds.  I wear them all proudly.


Patryn was 8 years old at the time.  We’d been walking our village streets all his life so he knew his way around … I hadn’t realized how well until that day.  He was an amazing boy and I miss him.

Patryn and Xar Love Mom

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